There are now places to recycle your leftover household cooking oil and congealed grease.

Receptacles for cooking oil are being set up at the Westside Residential Disposal and Recycling Centre and at the Glenmore landfill in Kelowna, in partnership with McLeod’s By-Products of Armstrong.

Congealed grease can be put into a metal can or container and dropped into the receptacles provided.

Dave Ward, plant manager with McLeod’s By-Products, says the repurposed kitchen leftovers will end up as a food source all over again.

“Once the cooking oils and grease are collected, we mechanically remove the solids and moisture, heat the oils at a very high temperature, then stabilize them with an antioxidant. We then sell the finished product to feed mills, where they formulate it into various feeds for chicken, turkey and hogs.”