OVERVIEW: The energy of Mars and Saturn combined indicates cool-headed strategic plans or actions are required now. Brakes are applied. Go over or around any obstacles or those in the way.

Power trips can reach extreme levels so handle this with kid gloves. Those involved are not open to reason at the moment. Tackle projects that require effort or construction etc. Some emotional matters are blocked so wait it out.

Distance yourself from areas of conflict. Speak softly to avoid sounding threatening as nerves are on edge. Step back or behind the scenes to let drama play out. Respected individuals will take centre stage and provide stability.

ARIES: Stand firm in your position if you know it is right or true. Withstand any opposition or threats.

TAURUS: You have decision making power right now so you need to weigh who will be affected by it.

GEMINI: You attract flattery, love and compliments as the planet venus moves in to your sign now.

CANCER: Intuition is strong and can paint a nice picture for your imagination. Unite with like minds.

LEO: You receive compensation for your efforts in more than one way. Collect them for your use.

VIRGO: Bonds grow stronger but still need more time to develop so privacy is needed for awhile.

LIBRA: You come up with solutions to save the day at work or in other areas. It all works out ok.

SCORPIO: You have some control or influence over how or where someone will live. Evaluate it.

SAGITTARIUS: Be calm or in control of terms. Others will see the reasoning behind it and agree.

CAPRICORN: You put forth great effort or do overtime where needed. Instruct or demonstrate.

AQUARIUS: Meet with powerful or influential individuals behind the scenes. They seek your info.

PISCES: Your words or presentations capture the attention of those wanting to get in on things.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Email: heather_zais@telus.net.