Kelowna Psychologists Group has developed a COVID-19 response plan to help those who need it most during this pandemic.

The group’s psychologists and clinicians are prioritizing care for seven target sectors: health-care workers, RCMP, all other first responders, front-line grocery workers, veterans with psychological conditions, patients better served by a mental-health clinician and ICBC-covered patients seeking treatment as a result of a car accident.

Most psychologists are working from home, so they are helping patients via live video or phone, but one psychologist is seeing patients in person with social distancing.

The practice will help patients access coverage from their workplace’s extended health plan, or the group can offer reduced rates assessed on a needs basis.

The goals for helping front-line workers are to reduce anxiety, manage stress, foster problem-solving, maintain productivity, prioritize home and work expectations, debrief for trauma and grief, and offer parenting advice and family support.

Psychologists will also continue to help those referred by their family doctor or the hospital emergency room and do couples counselling.