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Legislation processed without spotlight or much discussion Subscriber

With all the focus on daily question period jousts, much of the B.C. Liberal legislative package is being processed through the house out of the spotlight.

Turning back time with forward-thinking medicine

If you could turn back time, what would you wish for?

B.C. energy policy is ill-defined

In examining the energy strategy of our provincial government, it would appear that, for some time now, Victoria has failed to do the necessary policy-development homework.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Organic farmers are not allowed to make use of GMO technology on their farms. But not a single organic farmer has ever been de-certified, let alone faced disciplinary action anywhere in the United States or Canada, due to pollen drift from or co-mingling with a GMO.

Hunter, killer, angry furball

Gilbert the Cat is not a happy feline.

Do you have the courage to be reborn?

And life begins anew. After a long winter, Mother Nature awakens and gives birth. She hums her primal song to the buttercup and butterfly, instilling the urge to grow, to express new life.

Knitting their way out of poverty

Knitting needles lifted 45 families in Bolivia out of poverty.

Changing of the seasons

The transition to warm weather activities is now complete with Big White Ski Resort closing last Sunday and non-snow-oriented recreational fun kicking into high gear in the Okanagan.

WorkSafe B.C. needs independent look

Gordon Macatee has a lot of changes to make in a short period of time as the temporary administrator at WorkSafe B.C.

Changes to ALR, parks long overdue

A 30-year veteran of provincial land-use decisions has some advice for those outraged by recent legislation about parks and the agricultural land reserve.

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