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Years of scrimping finally pay off for B.C.

British Columbians should give Tuesday's provincial budget a quick once over, and then give themselves a quiet pat on the back.

Ogopogo has many different looks

Menacing, goofy, startled, drunk, stern, flamboyant, delirious - for a creature some doubt even exists, Ogopogo sure has a lot of moods.

Canada's ocean plan lost at sea

Canada has more ocean shoreline than any other nation. The oceans that surround us have profound impacts upon us. They are a major source of food, hold immense mineral wealth under their waters and serve as a major means of supporting intercontinental commerce and travel. They also influence climate and can have a devastating impact upon coastal communities.

Liberals horrified by court decision

Day by day, there's a growing sense of the enormity of the government's loss in the B.C. Supreme Court decision over the teachers' contract.

Budget 2014 a good plan for Canada

Balancing the federal budget has a lot in common with balancing the family budget. We've been through some tough times, so we've had to take out a line of credit to avert emergencies, and we've been working diligently to get back to balance by setting clear priorities and taking care of the things that are most important: our children's education, our family's health and well-being and protecting the most vulnerable.

Downtown hotel proposal impressive

Preservation of Kerry Park? Check.

Heritage doesn't always come in pretty packages

There is some unfortunate irony in the fact a wrecking permit for a Kelowna heritage home could be issued smack dab in the middle of Heritage Week.

Federal budget political posturing

Yesterday was budget day in Ottawa and we learned the fiscal plans of the federal government. The Harper government proclaimed they are outstanding stewards of the nation's finances. But, as is the case with much of the spin turned out by the tireless gnomes in the Prime Minister's Office, the situation is somewhat more nuanced than that.

Dropping the organic ball - again

A couple of reporters at the CBC recently revealed that half of all certified-organic product sold in Canada contains prohibited pesticide residue.

Foibles of fickle teenage fashion

I have never really been big on fashion.

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