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Opposition grows to new policy on packaging and recycling

Last month, Environment Minister Mary Polak announced what seemed like good news: small businesses would be "exempted" from the province's onerous new packaging and printed paper regulation coming into force this May.

Portland Hotel Society expenditures mind-boggling

The spending scandal at Vancouver's main social service agency is incomprehensible.

Walking a financial tightrope

This is the second in a series of columns dealing with issues facing our provincial government. And, of course, financial administration is always high on the list.

A question for pro-choice advocates

Why can't pro-choice activists fess up?

You just can't win this one

Arguing with your wife is like trying to outrun a dog - there is no point because there is absolutely no way you are going to win.

Morbid mystery of missing plane

It has been a hectic week, news-wise. Russia flexed its muscles like an imperial Czar to annex Crimea. Canada's finance minister and Alberta's premier both quit their jobs. A television station's helicopter crashed and burned in downtown Seattle. The last Canadian troops from Afghanistan returned to Canada.

Now hiring!

Most of us remember pounding the pavement to get our first job and feeling those wonderful words of acceptance - you're hired.

Amends for missing women look puny

The falldown was so pervasive and enormous that the amends being attempted look puny in comparison.

European ride fits in and stands out

It is easy to confuse the 2014 Triumph Thunderbird LT (long touring), a European import, with its North American cruisin' cousins during Bike Week at Daytona Beach, Fla.

Foreign students pay for more than themselves

Can you identify the adverbial in this sentence: "Probably, the Vancouver Canucks will not win the Stanley Cup."

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