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Harper's drum-beating in the Middle East

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There is no doubt the process of peace between Israel and the Palestinians is complicated, bitter and elusive and both sides have long-standing, deeply held and legitimate grievances.
Has Sec. John Kerry of the United States not been shuttling back and forth repeatedly between the two sides since he took office two years ago?
Canada has long been seen as a broker of peace in world conflicts, and I believe all Canadians are proud of the international reputation that has been built over many decades.
Is Stephen Harper's trip to Israel, with the "hero's welcome" accorded to him, and on such an expansive scale, in keeping with this traditional position of broker?
Furthermore, with the widespread suffering and conflict in the wider Middle East, is such a display of political and commercial drum beating the right thing to do?
And does this display not also fly in the face of Harper's perceived lack of sincerity and caring in his dealing with problems in his own country; First Nations issues, poverty, the environment, to name only a few.
Martin Jackson,

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