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Local Entertainment

An eclectic performance well-executed

I have had the pleasure of hearing the Okanagan Youth Symphony several times and I was delighted to hear the improvement at Sunday's concert, its first of the season and start of its 25th anniversary year.

Going acoustic doesn't mean he won't rock

Just because he's armed with an acoustic guitar and a piano instead of his wailing Gretsch White Falcon electric guitar doesn't mean Matt Mays can't rock anyhow.

Controversial art is focus of UBC event

Art and Controversy is both title and theme for a day of exhibits, dialogue and a panel discussion at UBC's Okanagan campus on today.

Getting creative with new talent

After an extended break from performing, local singer/songwriter Ryan Donn is set to take the stage again - and he's going to have plenty of help.

You're invited to take a tour of 'hot homes'

Hot Holiday Homes, featuring six privately owned homes decorated by homeowners and talented designers, is a self-guided holiday tour for the public.

Grand Theft Auto 5: it's a real steal

GTA Online (PS3,XBox 360), Rated M for mature: Grand Theft Auto 5 is such a massive success it will reinvent what a game can be and the online will change the gaming frontier in the same fashion.

The Flu is catching on

If you thought good ol' in-your-face rock 'n' roll was dead in the Okanagan, you owe it yourself to catch the Flu.

Last Updated on Friday, 15 November 2013 23:59

Music society receives grant

The Chamber Music Kelowna Society will receive federal government funding of $16,000 over the next two years, MP Ron Cannan (Kelowna-Lake Country) announced recently.

Sugar Skull Strut is all about Mexico

Anyone who's been to Mexico at this time of year will likely have run into one of the most interesting, colourful and intriguing (from a Western perspective) celebrations.

Plenty of comedy coming our way

As the end of October creeps along to its daunting last few days, the thing that scares me the most is how fast the year is coming to an end. We trick ourselves into believing these next couple of months, until the end of 2013, are still a spell away, but once the sugar rush from Halloween subsides the hard reality is that the end of the year is nigh.

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