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College offers look at old-school woodworking

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Jeremy Tomlinson will share his expertise in hand tool woodworking today and tomorrow at Okanagan College's Kelowna campus.
Hobbyists and enthusiasts are invited to a rare opportunity to see the art and craft of fine woodworking at Okanagan College's Kelowna campus today and Saturday.
Presented by the college's studio woodworking program, the in action at the third annual Lie-Nielsen hand tool event will feature workshops, question and answer sessions, and hand tool demonstrations delivered by Jeremy Tomlinson, woodworking instructor at Urban Woodworker in Vancouver.
"Hand tool woodworking is an increasingly popular amateur pursuit, and a highly rewarding hands-on way to explore personal creativity in a friendly medium like wood," said Tomlinson.
"These days, people want to make things for themselves out of locally sourced materials, and they can do that in their own home or apartment with woodworking hand tools - they don't need a big space.
"I get many students who say they work with the intangible all day long. For them, woodworking is a way to create something real and concrete, something that endures and has a story to tell."
A familiar name in the woodworking world, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is known for its high-quality hand tools and commitment to woodworking education. The company hosts multiple events annually across Canada to introduce users to its products and provide expert instruction in their use.
In Kelowna, studio woodworking has a year-round focus at Okanagan College. "We're hoping to generate a community of woodworkers in the region to contribute to the local Arts and Crafts tradition," said chair of construction Trades, Alf Leimert.
"Development of our 36-week studio woodworking program was in part motivated by the fact that even in today's mass production world, there are still people who value the quality and unique nature of hand-crafted pieces made in small shops."
Today's event is geared towards students, who will be a priority for demonstrations that day. However, Tomlinson encourages public to attend both days.
"We want the day to be inspiring and educational so we pay attention to what people are there to find out and ensure we cover the topics and techniques of greatest interest," he said.

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