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Thieves used golf club to rob store

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Police released this phots, taken from a store security camera, of one of the people who robbed a Mac's store on Saturday.
Police are looking for a pair of thugs who threatened a store clerk with a golf club
early Saturday.
The men had their faces covered with a scarves and balaclavas when they entered the Mac's store on Glenmore Road before 1 a.m. One of them emptied $500 worth of goods from a display case into a garbage bag as the other held the golf club.
They fled on foot toward the lake.
A sniffer dog followed their track but lost the scent.
Police are trying to establish a link between the heist and a robbery at Liquids Liquor Store in Guisachan Village on Saturday night.
They've released images taken from a surveillance camera in the Mac's store.

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