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Annual East Coast seal hunt starts amid ongoing court case and trade challenge

HALIFAX - The annual East Coast seal hunt starts Monday against a backdrop of ongoing trade and court challenges in Europe and renewed claims from animal welfare groups that the 400-year-old industry is dead in the water.

Flaherty's state funeral to be held at Toronto's St. James cathedral

OTTAWA - Jim Flaherty's state funeral is being held at Toronto's St. James cathedral on Wednesday.

Southern Ontario, Quebec on flood watch with heavy rains on the way

BELLEVILLE, Ont. - Teams of volunteers in southern Ontario and Quebec were preparing for flooding with walls of sandbags on Sunday as they awaited heavy rain expected to hit parts of both provinces over the next several days.

CRA online services back in business following Heartbleed scare

OTTAWA - The federal tax agency says its online services are up and running again after it blocked public access five days ago due to the so-called Heartbleed bug.

Canadian military member challenges government in court over housing costs

HALIFAX - A 24-year veteran of the Canadian military is taking the federal government to court Tuesday to recover thousands of dollars he lost on his home when he was posted to another base and got little compensation through a program that he says has caused financial hardship for dozens of members.

A 'ghost town' created in the U.S., with a little help from Canadian oil wealth

DETROIT - It looks like a ghost town, and Canadian oil helped build it.

Judging the judge's judges: Handling of nude-posing justice a 'stain'

TORONTO - The council probing a complaint against a senior Manitoba judge photographed in the nude has drawn scathing criticism, particularly in light of its recently failed attempt to place itself beyond judicial scrutiny.

Tories secretly gave Canadian military OK to share info despite torture risk

OTTAWA - The Conservative government has secretly ordered the Canadian military to share information with allies even when there's a serious risk it could lead to torture.

Canadians from coast to coast can view total lunar eclipse this week

MONTREAL - If they can stay awake, Canadians from coast to coast will get a chance to view a total lunar eclipse this week - the first of four that will occur nearly every six months.

HMCS Kingston crew extinguishes "minor" engine room fire while bound for Halifax

HALIFAX - The military is trying to determine what sparked a fire aboard a Canadian warship that caused what the navy described as "minor" damage to the vessel's engine room.

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