Film industry

A teen romance about undead lovers called 'Endless' was filmed in Kelowna in 2018. The Okanagan Film Commission is inviting people to submit photos of their homes for possible use as shooting locations when current production restrictions imposed because of COVID-19 are lifted.

A self-directed photo shoot of your own home could have Hollywood types beating a path to your door when the pandemic wraps up.

The Okanagan Film Commission is inviting people to provide pictures of their house for possible future use as a movie set.

"There are stories for all sorts of homes, from modest to mansions," Jon Summerland of the film commission says in a release.

No film, television, or commercial production is currently taking place anywhere in B.C. Health orders also prohibit film scouts from visiting potential shooting sites.

With many people now stuck at home, taking a variety of pictures of your property and uploading it to a central database could help lead to a swift resumption of productions when conditions allow, Summerland says.

"If you have ever thought of having your home used as a location, there is an opportunity for you to help us out," he says.

More information, and tips on how to photograph your property in ways most likely to catch the attention of production people, is at under the section 'community' and 'register your property'.

People whose homes are selected for a filming site are paid, Summerland says, and crews "not only will clean the properties, but sterilize it before and after filming takes place".

The production of films, TV shows, and commercials in the Okanagan last year contributed $23.8 million to the Valley's economy, according to the film commission's most recent annual report.

The agency has an annual budget of $300,000, about half of which comes from Kelowna-area property owners through their municipal taxes.