Slow down signs

These are among the messages on new signs placed by a community group alongside a West Kelowna street. The initiative is aimed at curbing speeding on Campbell Road.

A cheeky but serious-minded effort is underway in a West Kelowna neighbourhood to encourage drivers to slow down.

More than 20 signs have been placed along Campbell Road with messages urging  a lighter a touch on the gas pedal.

'Slow Down, Happiness is Trying to Catch You', 'Life is a Journey, Not a Race', and 'This is a Neighbourhood, Not a Race Track', are among the messages on the signs.

The signs were paid-for and installed by the Casa Loma Residents Association, whose members have expressed some frustration with what they see as the city's reluctance to install traffic-calming measures along the road.

"We're trying to get people to slow down with messages that we hope are positive, impactful, and maybe a little bit cheeky," Shirley Pacholok of the association said Thursday.

Erected a week ago, the signs are already having the desired effect, Pacholok believes.

 "I think they are working," she said. "We wanted to have a diversity of messages, not just one, because you never know which one will get a person's attention and encourage them to slow down."

Association members asked city council earlier this year, as they have done before, for the municipality to install traffic-calming measures on the road.

Council declined, saying there was mixed research on the effectiveness of traffic-calming initiatives. Councillors also noted Campbell Road is a dead-end street, with most traffic generated by people who live in the neighbourhood.

"There is a real need for neighbours to realize the environment they are driving in and practice safe driving measures in those areas," Coun. Stephen Johnston said at the time.

A speed reader board owned by the municipality is in place on Campbell Road. Association members will ask the city in a few weeks time to retrieve data from the device, to see if traffic speeds have declined.