The Gellatly Bay area of West Kelowna could be developed with cafes, boutique shops, apartments and townhomes.

A revised plan for the city’s main public waterfront envisions the area as a year-round destination for both West Kelowna residents and tourists.

“The focus must be on the creation of a village that benefits the greater community by promoting gathering places, pedestrian environments, and connectivity between Willow Beach and Marina Park,” reads part of a city planning document.

Members of West Kelowna’s agricultural advisory committee will be asked tonight to comment on the plan.

That’s because a key part of the plan is to consider the possibility of a land swap, removing a four-hectare property south of Powers Creek that’s within the Agricultural Land Reserve and opening it for development.

To ensure a neutral overall effect on agriculture, another four-hectare parcel along Rotary Trails Park would be added to the ALR.

Provincial officials previously gave permission for such a swap, but the approval expired in 2010 and another application would need to be submitted.

Westside authorities have long hoped of seeing new commercial and residential development along Gellatly Bay.

A waterfront plan was first devised in 2011, but the only significant change to the area since then has been development of new public amenities, such as a promenade and restoration of an old ferry dock.

The revised plan specifically identifies portions of five properties that would be rezoned from various existing designations to a new growth management classification that would support residential and small-scale commercial development.

“With a quality landscaped environment, Gellatly Village is envisioned as a premier waterfront destination that promotes social interaction by providing opportunities to share a meal, have refreshments, view art, or browse through local shops,” the city planning report says.

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