Peachlanders shouldn’t count on an on-call taxi service to take them to a bus stop.

Council will hear Tuesday that BC Transit isn’t interested in helping to fund such a new service.

While the Crown corporation does subsidize taxi rides in some communities, it does so only in places where there is no regular transit service.

In June, town council asked BC Transit to consider subsidizing taxi service in neighbourhoods along Ponderosa Drive and Trepanier Road, areas relatively far removed from the bus network.

For his part, the owner of Peachland Taxi advises town officials that he “very rarely” gets a call from anyone wanting a ride to a bus stop.

In any event, the Peachland Wellness Centre already provides driving services to car-less residents who need a lift to go to a doctor’s office, a bank or a shopping centre.

The volunteer driving service, which extends beyond Peachland to Summerland, West Kelowna and Kelowna, is free, but riders are encouraged to make a donation to help drivers with their expenses.