The Greater Vernon Museum and Archives is firing its staff.

The museum gave notice to all staff members but executive director Steve Fleck on Thursday.

In a news release, Fleck said the museum is restructuring and moving from 5.5 full-time positions to four “redesigned positions.”

He said he hopes the outgoing staff members will apply for the new positions.

“The smaller team of new positions will focus on active community engagement. Existing staff will be encouraged to apply for these redesigned positions. During this transitional period, the GVMA board of directors and executive director will strive to provide uninterrupted regular services,” the release said.

“We have an impressive collection and one of the most robust archives in the province for an organization our size,” Fleck added. “Unfortunately, in recent years the museum has struggled to actively engage the community. As a result, visitation rates are low and our programming attracts limited audiences . . . the museum recognizes the need to make significant operational adjustments.”

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