The ongoing transformation of Clement Avenue could see the replacement of an art deco-styled home by an ultra-modern six-storey building.

Once flanked by modest homes and industrial buildings, including a large packinghouse, Clement is now home to new high-rises, the city's police station, shopping plazas, and hundreds of new apartments.

The latest proposal is for tearing down of an old home at the south-west corner of Clement and St. Paul Street to make way for a mixed-use project with ground floor retail premises, office spaces, and five residential units.

"The subject property is located in an area that has seen extensive growth and revitalization in the past 10 years, with additional mixed-use developments proposed in the area over the next few years," reads an rezoning application submitted by property owner Adrian J. Hazzi.

City planners are now studying the development proposal, which requires a rezoning of the site from General Industrial to Central Business Commercial. The rezoning request will eventually be considered by city council.