Okanagan politicians want to discuss ways in which voters can get rid of city councillors between elections.

A proposal for the voter-initiated recall of local representatives who are in “breach of integrity,” or who are eroding public confidence in local government, has been devised by Penticton city councillors.

Such a process for the removal of councillors is more necessary than ever with the switch from three- to four-year terms, Penticton councillors say.

Their resolution for Victoria to introduce a recall mechanism at the municipal level is one of hundreds of ideas up for debate at the annual Union of B.C. Municipalities conference in late September in Vancouver.

Nine Okanagan jurisdictions are bringing resolutions to the UBCM convention. One notable exception is the City of Kelowna, the valley’s largest municipality, which isn’t bringing any ideas for consideration.

Perhaps the most controversial locally inspired resolution is one that will be advanced by West West Kelowna politicians, calling on the province to bring back photo radar.

West Kelowna says photo radar, scrapped by the Liberal government shortly after its election in 2001, is an “effective and efficient” tool to deter speeding, particularly in residential areas and near schools and playgrounds.

West Kelowna also wants the government to adopt a provincewide rat control strategy. Rat infestations, which are on the rise in the Okanagan, damage buildings and transmit diseases harmful to humans, West Kelowna says.

Other resolutions coming from Okanagan politicians include one from the North Okanagan urging public institutions to implement a buy-local policy for food purchases, and one from Vernon asking Victoria to press Ottawa to eliminate the GST now charged on the provincial carbon tax.

If adopted by delegates at the UBCM convention, the resolutions are forwarded to the provincial government for its consideration and possible action.

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