Peachland Mayor Cindy Fortin wants the town to buy her a laptop because she finds an iPad too difficult to use for official business.

Fortin’s fellow councillors will consider her request for the purchase of a laptop, at a cost not to exceed $1,500, at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Following every municipal election held since 2012, Peachland’s mayor and five councillors have been given either a laptop or a tablet to use for official business. When their term of office ends, either by defeat at the polls or through a decision not to run again, the mayor and councillor can keep the device.

Fortin has a desktop computer in her mayoral office. And she chose an iPad after winning re-election, through a judge’s drawing of her name from a box when she and rival Harry Gough ended with the same number of votes, last October.

“The iPads were fitted with keyboards as well, but these devices are not ideal for documents or word processing,” reads part of a report to council from town manager Elsie Lemke.

“Mayor Fortin has requested a laptop computer, which is more suited to writing letters, preparing documents, etc., as she is finding the iPad difficult to use for those purposes,” Lemke writes.

“Also, the computer in her office is a stationary workstation and she requires something mobile,” Lemke says.

If council agrees to buy the mayor a laptop, Lemke’s recommendation is that it remain town property whenever Fortin leaves office.

As mayor of the town of 5,400 people, Fortin was paid $34,000 in 2017, one-third of which was tax free.