The next wave in green vehicles is getting a boost with the opening of three hydrogen fuelling stations in B.C. — including one slated to open next year in Kelowna.

North Vancouver-based Hydrogen Technology and Energy Corporation partnered with 7-Eleven to open a hydrogen fuelling station Thursday in North Vancouver.

HTEC and 7-Eleven have begun construction on a second station, which will open on Vancouver Island later this year. The companies are also expanding the network into the Okanagan, with a station set to open at an Esso-branded 7-Eleven in Kelowna next year.

The government is contributing to the setup of the new pumps with contributions from its CleanBC Go Electric Hydrogen Fuelling and Fleet Program.

According to HTEC, thousands of hydrogen-powered cars, trucks and buses will be hitting North American roads in the next five years.

Six hydrogen-fuelling stations are anticipated in B.C. by the end of 2021.

Vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells produce no emissions. The technology just recently become low-cost enough to use in ordinary vehicles and fleets.

The Toyota Mirai was the first hydrogen-powered car produced for the public, but it's sold only in certain areas. Honda and Hyundai are also producing hydrogen-powered passenger vehicles.