Blackmun Bay

An artist’s rendering shows what Blackmun Bay, a large-scale waterfront development proposed for Campbell Road in West Kelowna, could look like.

A controversial West Kelowna waterfront development comes up for public discussion again on Oct. 23.

Plans for the Blackmun Bay project, with four nine-storey buildings and hundreds of homes and hotel suites along with a marina and a winery/restaurant, will be considered at a public hearing.

The development is proposed for Campbell Road, between the Casa Loma community and Westbank First Nation land.

Given the high public interest in the proposal, the city will hold the meeting in the Westbank Lions Community Centre rather than in council chambers. The meeting begins at 6 p.m.

The developer says Blackmun Bay would become the city’s “most iconic residential landmark,” provide 700 construction jobs, generate $4.6 million in development cost charges for the municipality and yield annual property taxes of $2.1 million.

The project has been reduced in size and scope from what was originally proposed. Initial plans in 2017 showed a maximum building height of 15 storeys.

Critics say the development is far too big for the site, would bring too much traffic to the area and represents a lowered quality of life for people in the Casa Loma neighbourhood.

Such divergent points of view were evident among city councillors themselves when the proposal was last considered, in May.

Three councillors — Carol Zanon, Doug Findlater and Rick de Jong — took the somewhat unusual step of voting against even sending the proposal to a public hearing.

But Mayor Gord Milsom and councillors Jason Friesen, Stephen Johnston and Jayson Zilkie voted in favour of sending the project to a public hearing.

After the public has had its say, council will decide whether to grant the necessary rezoning approvals.