Passengers who sat in the emergency exit row on a WestJet flight into Kelowna on March 17 were seated near someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

The flight number was WS 3343 and it arrived in Kelowna from Calgary.

“Guests who sat in the exit row are considered close contacts and may be at risk of exposure,” states a press release from the City of Kelowna, which operates the Kelowna airport.

“Public health officials recommend that affected individuals self-monitor for 14 days for symptoms of cough, fever or respiratory issues,” the release states.

The city says it is providing the information as a way to keep the community informed about the possibility of virus transmission.

WestJet has a page on the airline’s website that indicates all the flights that included a passenger who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.

The only other affected flight with a Kelowna connection was flight 3326 from Vancouver to Kelowna on March 10. Guests in rows 10 through 16 on that flight are said to have been most at risk from possible virus transmission.