Children in a small Nicaraguan town drink purified water. A Kelowna doctor aims to raise $5,000 so all students in the area have daily access to good water.

A Kelowna doctor hopes to raise $5,000 to improve the quality of drinking water in a Nicaraguan town.

So far, a GoFundMe page set up by Dr. Claire Young has collected just over $3,000 in donations.

She’s currently working as a medical volunteer at the Roberto Clemente Clinic, near the Nicaraguan town of Popoyo.

“The schoolchildren desperately need water. Nothing special. Just clean, potable water to stay healthy,” Young writes on the web page.

Many people in the area rely on heavily contaminated wells, often getting sick.

Clinic staff provide good-quality drinking water to four of the eight local schools, but they need to buy additional equipment, and hire a person at an annual salary of $4,000, to expand the program.

To donate, Google GoFundMe We Need Water.

Young is a doctor at the Towne Centre Medical Clinic in Westbank.