Kelowna’s biggest mall is shrinking again as a result of an “evolving retail industry,” city council will hear Monday.

Owners of Orchard Park plan to reduce the building’s size by 14,600 square feet. The downsizing follows a reduction in size earlier this year of 42,000 square feet.

After the latest shrinkage, the mall will still cover about 814,000 square feet.

“The proposed building renovation is a result of an evolving retail industry and has been proposed to help the mall adapt to such changes,” reads part of a city staff report to council.

The latest renovation-reduction, for which council is expected to approve the necessary development permit, affects the south side of the mall, formerly occupied by the Sears Home Store.

Plans are for the downsized south wing to eventually have five retail premises.

As part of the project, one road access to Dilworth Drive will be closed off, and the parking area expanded by 126 new stalls. New landscaping and pedestrian walkways will be added.

The first reduction was on the north wing of the mall, for premises previously occupied by the main Sears store. It’s currently being refashioned for a Marks store.