Fiona Forshaw

Above is Fiona Forshaw’s Facebook profile photo. According to her Facebook biography, she’s engaged to Braidon Blacquier.

A Vernon woman has posted on social media that she probably has the novel coronavirus.

“After calling my doctor, she believes it’s likely I have coronavirus,” Fiona Forshaw wrote on Facebook.

“It started with a terrible headache four days ago and then two days ago a sore throat, feeling of my lungs being irritated and getting out of breath easily. I’m tired and falling asleep a lot. My body is so sore. I thought I had strep.

“They do not have a test for me unless my symptoms get worse, so please do not pay so much attention to the numbers.

“This is serious enough that I have my doctor’s personal cellphone number.

“We will not be leaving our house even for walks. If you have seen me at all in the last two weeks, I suggest you self-isolate also. My doctor said full quarantine.”

Meanwhile, a Kelowna couple report they are having trouble getting off a cruise ship that has no cases of COVID-19 so far.

Al Janusas emailed The Daily Courier Thursday, saying there are 244 Canadians among 842 passengers on the Holland America cruise ship M/S Maasdam.

“In Rarotonga, Cook Islands, on March 12 we were told by Holland America that we were going to go directly to Hilo, Hawaii, instead of Papeete (Tahiti). In Rarotonga, only those who had confirmed flights were allowed to debark there to fly home.

“It appeared that the only flights departing from there were routed through Auckland, which was 3,000 km in the opposite direction required by Canadians. Understandably, it was nearly impossible to reach anyone in the travel industry by phone or by internet.”

“The ship started steaming towards Hilo, Hawaii, on March 13. All the remaining passengers eventually managed to change their travel arrangements. On March 16, Holland America announced that we were again changing our destination to go non-stop to Honolulu. All the travel arrangements were modified again.

“This morning (March 19), we learned that now nobody would be allowed off the ship in Honolulu!

“No one on board is symptomatic. We have been isolated at sea, as a group, since March 13. Most passengers are in the vulnerable over-60 age group. High levels of hygiene on board were raised to extraordinary levels in the last week.

“We would like Canadian government officials to intervene to allow us all to return home.”

Attempts to contact Janusas for further information have been unsuccessful.

About 4,000 Canadians are still on 70 cruise ships sailing around the world, according to Ottawa.

Canada flew passengers home from ships in Japan and California and quarantined them for two weeks at a military base in Ontario, but other passengers have been told they should return by commercial means and then self-isolate for two weeks.

At least 70 Canadians are attempting to make their way home from Atlanta after flying there on an American repatriation plane from a cruise ship docked in France. More than 300 Canadians remain stuck on board the Norwegian Jewel, which is docked in Hawaii after being turned away from European ports.

— With files from The Canadian Press