In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ICBC is offering 90-day car insurance payment deferrals, six-week driver’s licence extensions and contactless auto insurance renewals.

To take advantage of deferrals, clients must be on an Autoplan monthly payment plan and facing financial hardship because of novel coronavirus-related job or income loss.

Contact ICBC or your insurance broker to process any deferral.

The same goes for temporary driver’s licence extensions.

ICBC is allowing insurance brokers to conduct Autoplan car insurance policy renewals by email or phone.

Drivers can then pick up their new decal and documents outside the insurance office or have it mailed to them.

Some brokers, such as Kelowna-based CapriCMW, are offering delivery for health professionals and those in quarantine.

These changes follow last week’s suspension of driver’s knowledge tests and driver’s road tests to obtain a passenger vehicle or motorcycle licence.

ICBC is working on offering knowledge tests remotely.