Letters to the Editor received after deadline

EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to the high volume of election letters, Monday was the deadline to guarantee inclusion in the print copy of The Daily Courier. The Courier published all letters it received on a  first-come, first-serve basis provided it was 400 words or less (our policy) and was received prior to deadline.The following letters were received past our deadline and will not be published due to space limitations, but we are posting them here for the benefit of our online readers. The Courier's policy is to not publish letters to the editor on the election in the final print edition prior to voting day... James Miller, Managing Editor.

Ethics, morality and integrity

Dear Editor

Many readers have commented that this Federal Election seems to be nastier than any previous election and that outrageous statements, with no basis in fact, are rampant. 

I blame our current Prime Minister as his actions before and since being elected demonstrate.   He blackened the PM Office by taking his family on a $215k holiday funded by the Aga Khan. “Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson found in December 2017 that Trudeau violated ethics rules by accepting the trip to the Aga Khan's island”, as the Aha Khan appealed for Federal funding for his foundation (CBC News).  Then there is SNC-Lavalin.  Ethics commissioner Dion wrote “Mr. Trudeau used his position of authority … to seek to influence, both directly and indirectly, her decision ... Therefore, I find that Mr. Trudeau contravened section 9 of the Conflict of Interest Act.”   Trudeau is the only PM found guilty of Conflict of Interest and Breach of Trust – not once but twice.

When the leader of a nation displays such disregard for ethics, morality and integrity it is no surprise that members of his party follow his lead.

Trudeau continues to justify breaking the law by claiming several hundred Quebec jobs were at stake yet is totally silent on the jobs lost in Alberta because of the Liberal Government stance on energy.  "From January 2015 to October 2016 Alberta employers slashed more than 130,000 payroll jobs” (Financial Post). 

Liberal poster child Trudeau was out of control as a young adult.  He groped a young female reporter here in BC but dismissed it as a perception problem.  He appeared as black face on at least three occasions while a teacher of vulnerable teens while in Vancouver.

The biggest failure of all is the recent $600 Million dollar bribe to the news media where outlets (chosen by Liberal hacks) received lavish funding to tell stories sympathetic to the party.  Watching the CBC or CTV lately you must have noticed the bias. You must have been incensed at the treatment CTV gave Andrew Scheer compared to other leaders.

This newspaper is not exempt from criticism. Your editorial pages and letters to the editor are like free Liberal propaganda.  Letters appear multiple times with multiple names. Conservative letters like this one are never published.

Our Canada needs a leader who is ethical, honest, and honourable to lead us forward.

Alan Nichols


Don't undo four years of great work for the environment

Dear Editor:

I think the next four years will be very important for the future of the planet. So I wonder how the NDP and the Greens will feel if they succeed in tearing down the government that's done more to tackle climate change than any in Canadian history.

Some examples: protected vast areas of ocean and coastline, overhauled the environmental assessment process, spent 13. 4 billion on transit projects, set new clean fuel standards, spent $64 million on electric charging stations and put a price on pollution.

By making this election about hating Justin Trudeau you're helping to elect the Conservatives. And you'll watch all our climate progress go up in the smoke from next year's fires.

Bob Nicholson


A deep-state coup against Trump

Dear Editor:

In his letter entitled "Scraping bottom of media barrel" (Courier, Oct. 2) ostensibly a campaign endorsement of Justin Trudeau, Jon Peter Christoff has cleverly used his missive to aid and abet the over three year long and recently intensified British instigated and treasonous 'Deep State' assisted coup against President Donald Trump. 

Christoff's assertion that Trump, "After three years of trashing pretty well every presidential norm, he has finally crossed into impeachable territory" is amusing in that the first claim is ironically correct, the second, utter desperate wishful thinking.

For the last thirty years the concurrent administrations of Bush , Bill Clinton, Bush Jr. and the slippery Barack Obama, the presidential "norm" of US policy has been one of waging constant warfare in Europe, Africa and the Middle East ... never ending unjustifiable regime change wars. Trump has been and is determined to end this dangerous insanity and his move to withdraw U.S. military from Syria has caused both Democrat and Republican neo-con warhawks and the usual pundits in the media to go berserk. This President in his recent statements naming and calling out the perfidy and power of the Military Industrial Complex is the only US chief executive to do so since Dwight Eisenhower's warning fifty-nine years ago. A quite overt and heroic "trashing" of "norms."

In referencing the on-going "whisleblower scandal" it would appear Jon Peter is reading directly off House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff"s crib sheet. This bogus impeachment operation launched by a cabal of virulent Anti-Trumpers is purely a desperate attempt to distract from the Barr/Horowitz/Durham investigation into the origins of the "Russiagate" treason. In that Christoff's letters read like epistles crafted at Britain's Chatham House, I would surmise that Jon Peter knows full well that Trump's real request of the new President of Ukraine was to look into the role of the rabid anti-Putin and anti-Trump Dmitri Alperovitch, whose computer firm CrowdStrike, most certainly an FBI asset, was hired by the DNC to promulgate the lie of the Russian "hack." 

Donald Trump is an existential threat to the Anglo-America so-called special relationship... what Cecil Rhodes described as British brains behind US brawn. The US under Trump is slowly ceasing to play the role of the dumb giant on a British leash. Trump has not "crossed into impeachable territory" but rather has ventured into a profoundly historical period.

Brian Gray


A different version of history

Dear Editor:

John Thompson might be surprised that the Trudeau government is not the first to consider controlling the enormous costs of federal employee defined benefit pension plans.  The last budget of the Harper government (2015) noted that it was continuing “to assess a voluntary Target Benefit Plan option for Crown corporations and federally regulated private sector pension plans”.

The Conservatives have a long history of trying to reduce pension and retirement costs that included raising the age entitlement for the means tested Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement From 65 to 67.  This legislation, targeting the most needy of pensioners, was reversed by the Trudeau government.

David Flater

Okanagan Falls

Politics can be painful

Dear Editor:

It was impossible to feel any affection for the debaters during this federal election. No one expects perfection but those so-called leaders were all about interjection, deflection, and misdirection. Their competing policies needed dissection and correction. Every promise should have been accompanied with a deficit projection.  Instead voters were overwhelmed by denunciation and rejection. There was no inspirational connection.

The repetition of their insipid talking points was as painful as an infection in the lower midsection. 

Lloyd Atkins


Compulsive lies from Conservative camp

Dear Editor:

Well it is now obvious that we have a compulsive liar in Canada to join his fellow liar, Trump, to the south.

Andrew Scheer lied about graduating from the University of Regina, he lied about being an insurance broker, he lied about his citizenship, he lied about an RCMP investigation into Trudeau, he lied about Canada’s foreign aid, and the list goes on.

His latest doozies are:  Trudeau (with the help of the NDP) is going to increase the GST; Trudeau is going to legalize hard drugs; Trudeau is going to put a 50% Capital Gains tax on the sale of a principal residence (Scheer actually advertised this in Vancouver Chinese publications – LOL).   ALL are lies.  Truly a Trump clone.

When are his supporters going to smell the coffee – instead of the farm fertilizer that they have been smelling?  Are you really going to believe anything Scheer says.

The Conservatives have 67 candidates who are openly pro-life, against freedom-of-choice.  Scheer says he will not re-open the debate.  Do you believe him?

All Conservative governments give tax credits – that only benefit those that can afford to pay expenses up front.  How does that affect you?

I urge you to look on past actions and future plans by the Liberals for the poor (900 thousand already lifted out of poverty - including 300 thousand children). Veterans, minorities, the environment and wildlife, the economy (leads the OEDC and lowest unemployment in over 40 years).  Why do you think Veterans have an “Anyone but Conservatives” organization?  Look at what Harper did.

This election will determine what Canada’s ethos is about – kindness and humanitarianism or greed and cuts to badly-needed social programs.  The Liberal government cares.

Patrick MacDonald

West Kelowna

Time to ban coalitions

Dear Editor:

Coalition Governments should not be allowed. Forming this type of Govt. kills what Canadians want.The party with the highest percent of the vote is what Canadians want for their PM . If two parties join to defeat what us Canadians want you are destroying our RIGHT. Take a look at BC this happened & we are paying for it

Wayne McMahon


We have already made up our minds

Dear Editor:

At this time in the election campaign it's safe to say we have already made up our minds on whom we want to govern this great Country of ours. We have heard the political mudslinging and watched grown adults acting like idiots at the debates. We have seen some debaters say some surprisingly articulate and intelligent statements and some have won some battles, now we get to pick a candidate to lead for the next four years.

I truly believe when each and every Canadian casts their vote (s), they aren't drawing straws or flipping coins when they are in the voters box on Monday. They have already made up their minds. We all want our vote to make a difference and we all want our candidate to win. Unfortunately, this may not happen. The latest polls are indicating a Liberal/NDP coalition government. If this occurs, the party calling the shots will be the NDP. We have heard all the political hoo-ha from Jagmeet Singh on how the NDP will support the Liberals as long as the Liberals warm up to some of the NDP's election platforms. Justin will do or say anything to keep his job and in order for that to happen, he has to agree to what Jagmeet wants. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Quite possibly, a political party that has third place finish will be holding the 1st place party at bay, if the NDP doesn't get there way, they will pull their support and before you can say Cat in a Hat, we'll have yet another election. This is a perverted version of democracy, the people vote with hope and vision and sadly, they might just get a dysfunctional government that can't get anything done. However, if the coalition government does manage to pass some programs, they'll be spending money like drunken pirates on shore leave. The common denominator between the Liberals and the NDP is spend, spend and spend. Spend for infrastructure related jobs, spend to Universal Health Care and tax us into financial oblivion. When the last bridge is built and the last road is built, what will those trades people do next?, move to Ontario? How are they going to pay for Universal Health Care? Tax me, I'm Canadian, that's how!!

As for the climate change mantra in this election campaign, Justin and Jagmeet have not clearly explained to me how taxing us at the pumps and taxing us for heating our homes is going to help the reduce our Green House Gasses (GHG). Andrew Sheer and the Conservatives, have a unique approach. They recognize Canada is a very small emitter of GHG and the solution is through science and not the old boys "Cap and Trade", program from the last decade. According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation the coalition BC government is enjoying a nice cash grab of $1.9 Billion dollars and it's all going to general revenue, if you believe a Federal Coalition Liberal/NDP

Doug Rosen


NDP and Green supporters – don’t help elect a Conservative government!

Dear Editor:

Approximately 70% of Canadians do not want a Conservative government that has little interest in strategies to counter climate change and whose policies are most advantageous to the wealthiest Canadians who really do not need special tax breaks.

In Kelowna-Lake Country, polls seem to indicate that the Conservative candidate is a few percentage points ahead of the Liberal candidate. Neither the NDP (with about 13% support) nor the Green Party (with less than 10% support) is going to win this riding.

In Kelowna-Lake Country, a vote for Stephen Fuhr and the Liberal Party is the only outcome-based vote that makes sense for anyone interested in the protection of Canada’s precious land, air and water.

In some areas of the country, the NDP is excited about recent polling and they anticipate gaining enough seats to give them the balance of power federally. That may a good reason for the NDP to push pretty hard in ridings where they competitive, but that is not the case in Kelowna-Lake Country!

NDP and Green votes in Kelowna-Lake Country will just make it easier for Conservative candidate Tracy Gray to add one more seat to the Conservative tally nationally.

At no time in Canada’s fight against climate change and wealth inequality has it been more important to avoid a Conservative government.

Please vote, but if you are an NDP or Green supporter in Kelowna-Lake Country, think about voting to produce an acceptable outcome. Voting NDP or Green is not likely to produce that outcome this time around.

Vote for a candidate with a proven track record and a party that will move forward in the fight against climate change. Give Stephen Fuhr your trust and your vote!

John Kemp


At least we have free, fair elections

Dear Editor:

With all due respect to the letter writer who complained about line-ups impacting his speed to vote at an advance poll, may I suggest a couple of solutions:

1. Consider volunteering next federal election as a polling clerk or deputy returning officer but bear in mind that you will work a 12-hour shift with only two 15-minute washroom breaks – if it’s not too busy you can munch on a sandwich at your polling desk (even though this is a federal government task, regular working conditions don’t apply)

2. Take a trip to the mid-African continent and observe an election there where the wait times may be over a day long but the people don’t mind because they at least get to vote

3. Take a trip to Vietnam or Cambodia or Cuba and ask if you can watch a free and democratic election

4. Take a seminar in anger management so you can better reflect that whatever time it takes to vote is certainly better than the alternative (ask any Russian).

By the way, I voted at the convention centre on Sunday evening – it took me all of five minutes. I was only sad there wasn’t a line up because I’m betting next Tuesday morning the numbers will show that we did not get 100% turnout.

Se. Glenn W. Sinclair


Women, do it for the Famous Five

Dear Editor:

Amidst all the hoopla of an election campaign, I expect Oct. 18 will pass with little fanfare.

The BNA Act did not specifically define women as persons; when appealed to the Supreme Court women were denied “persons” status. In a 10-year battle the Famous Five – Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney and Irene Parlby – appealed the Supreme Court decision that women were not persons to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in England. At the time, that was the highest court of appeal for Canada.

On the historic day of October 18, 1929, Lord Sankey, Lord Chancellor of the Privy Council, announced the Privy Council decision that “yes, women are persons. That the exclusion of women from all public offices is a relic of days more barbarous than ours. And to those who would ask why the word ‘persons’ should include females, the obvious answer is why should it not?”

Today, many women around the world and even in Canada are still sold into prostitution, forced to marry, have no access to birth control or education, and are economically dependent on men.

This is substantiated by the recent case in Ontario that alleges that women are being brutalized and drug induced and forced to work seven days a week earning up to $1,000 a day in a well-organized pimping industry that was moving these women across Canada wherever the most money could be made.

Yet women have made great strides forward. These are only a few:

In 1897, Clara Brett Martin became Canada's first lawyer.

In 1909, the Criminal Code was amended to criminalize the abduction of women.

During the First War women were temporarily granted the right to vote on behalf of their husbands who were overseas.

In 1921, Canada's first woman MP Agnes MacPhail began several successful campaigns, including prison reform and the establishment of old age pensions.

In 1936, Ottawa nurse Dorothea Palmer was arrested for telling women about birth control.

In 1947, Canadian women no longer lost their citizenship automatically if they married non-Canadians.

In 1951 Ontario enacted Canada's first equal pay legislation.

In 1973, the first rape crisis centres in Canada opened in Vancouver and Toronto. By 1975 there were five transition houses in B.C.

Women should not think their vote doesn’t matter or count. Get out there and vote.

Elvena Slump