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In compliance with provincial regulations, Central Okanagan Public Schools has now published the names and salaries of teachers and other employees who made more than $75,000 last year.

The salaries for every employee of Central Okanagan Public Schools earning more than $75,000 have been posted online by the district.


Top earner is superintendent Kevin Kaardal, whose remuneration last year was $240,378.


That was 10 times more than the $24,157 salary drawn by school board chair Moyra Baxter. The six other trustees were paid about $21,000 each.

To view the list of teacher salaries, see agenda item 6.1 on this link, then scroll to page 53:

To comply with provincial regulations, school boards - like municipalities - must annually release the names and salaries of all employees who earned more than $75,000 in the  previous year.

Cities must release the information by the end of June. School boards have until the end of December because their financial year matches the academic year, concluding in June.


The current starting salary for a Central Okanagan teacher at the lowest end of the pay scale is $48,793. The top rate, for those teachers with 10 or more years experience, is $93,805.


Earlier this year, the BC Teachers Federation and the government signed a new collective agreement which provided for a six percent salary increase over three years for most teachers, and a seven percent increase for those teachers at the top of the salary grid.


As well, in 2021, teachers in their first year of work will be placed at step 2 of the salary grid rather than step 0. This means the starting wage for a teacher in the Central Okanagan will rise to $54,583, or nearly $6,000 more than the current rate.