North Westsiders fully understand why they’re unhappy with the Kelowna-based regional district, the area’s elected representative says.

Wayne Carson dismisses a regional district report that says community upset is based in large part on misunderstandings and myths.

“We may live in the bush, but we’re not hicks,” Carson said Tuesday. “People here understand what the regional district is and what it’s supposed to be doing. They just don’t think it’s doing a very good job of serving the people.”

At Monday’s regional board meeting, Carson introduced a motion calling on the regional district to retain a consultant who would examine the costs associated with the North Westside area setting up its own local government. The motion was defeated.

“I really think we need someone to come in with fresh eyes to put some numbers to the cost of services we receive now, versus the cost of taking control of our own parks, water system and other services,” Carson said.

The regional board discussed, without taking a decision, a staff proposal to retain a communications consultant to explain to North Westsiders what the regional district does.

The job of the consultant, regional district administrator Brian Reardon says, would be to “dispel information and foster an informed citizenry.”

North Westside communities along Westside Road include La Casa, Valley of the Sun, Fintry and Caesar’s Landing.

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