'The Wedge'

This six-storey residential building is planned for the southeast corner of Water Street and Leon Avenue in downtown Kelowna.

A new six-storey residential building is proposed for downtown Kelowna.

The development, called The Wedge, is planned for a small, triangular-shaped property at the southeast corner of Water Street and Leon Avenue.

Several building variances are being sought by the developer, who says they’re necessary given the challenge of building on the unusually shaped site.

The variances relate to such things as parking, the setbacks of upper floors from the property edge, and commercial space along Leon Avenue.

“We trust that you will favourably consider this application, as this building would contribute to the energy and activity of this area,” reads part of a letter from architect Hans Neumann now being considered by the city’s planning staff.

If ultimately approved by the city, the building would have a rooftop patio.