Ride-hailing operators should just need a regular driver's licence, not a commercial one, Kelowna-area politicians say.

The government should rethink its decision to require drivers for services like Uber and Lyft to have a Class 4 licence, they say.

"Limiting drivers to only those who hold a minimum of a Class 4 licence could greatly limit the viability of ride-hailing as a transportation option in our region and across the province," says a joint letter to Victoria from politicians representing Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country, Westbank First Nation and Peachland.

Services like Uber and Lyft are welcome, politicians say, because of their potential to "reduce car dependency, increase mobility options, reduce the need for parking, lower impaired driving rates and prepare the region for technology change in transportation".

The government says ride-hailing services should begin operating in B.C by the end of the year.