Bomb scare

Kelowna RCMP Cpl. Amadeo Vecchio briefs reporters after a bomb scare at a Kelowna car dealership on Tuesday morning.

A device feared to be a pipe bomb at a Kelowna car dealership turned out to be something to do with tire pressure.

Streets were blocked and an area around the corner of Enterprise Way and Leckie Road was evacuated Wednesday morning after the suspicious discovery of an item in a vehicle at Kelowna Chrysler. Dealership workers removed the device and placed it against a concrete wall until police arrived.

“It had some similar characteristics to what is ubiquitously called a pipe bomb,” Kelowna RCMP Cpl. Amadeo Vecchio said later.

“It was cylindrical in nature, roughly about a foot long, caps on either end,” he said. “So as such, it definitely raised our eyebrows and we treated it as suspicious until we determined otherwise.

“It turned out it had something to do with a tire pressure gauge, or an after-market device,” Vecchio said.

There was traffic congestion and some concern among temporarily evacuated workers as they watched the hour-long police investigation unfold from the now-closed Greyhound bus terminal parking lot.

“I think people are having a sigh of relief,” Vecchio said. “The big takeaway from our point is, ‘Please, do not touch anything that you do not know what it is.’

“Leave as is, and call police or emergency services, so we can determine what it is,” he said.