Plans to upgrade Lumby’s Pat Duke Arena are running into hurdles, but the construction start date of spring 2020 is still on target.

“In an older building, unforeseen challenges are not uncommon. Most of the complications have been related to the age of the building,” said Tannis Nelson, manager of community services with the North Okanagan regional district, in a news release. “Building codes have changed a lot since this centennial arena was commissioned in 1967, and we must conform to current codes. This has required a lot of thoughtful problem solving and innovative solutions.”

The $3-million renovation project was launched in 2016 when Lumby was named Kraft Hockeyville and won $100,000 toward arena improvements. Community fundraising, government grants and a Telus grant have been added to the initial amount.

The project is focused on adding four new change rooms and renovating existing change rooms. It will also include upgrades to make the facility more accessible, safe and energy-efficient.