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As I write this column, the COVID-19 death toll in Canada stands at 6,873. Plus one that no one talks about.

“We’re all in this together.” Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this phrase has served to comfort and unite us.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way in which we operate in our daily lives, primarily because of new risks that all of us are now being subjected to, directly or indirectly.

In church ministry, I am acquainted with the power of grief. Not only do I spend my time with those who experience deep loss. I have been metaphorically ambushed by the strong emotions of grief and left struggling to stand up again.

It’s hard to keep up with the rate of change. The other day, a news report announced that Army and Navy stores were closing.

It’s disappointing when the Governor of Michigan — whether Democrat or Republican, male or female — has received multiple death threats, the president says almost nothing about this to his supporters. If anything should trigger a tweet storm it should be threats of violence against elected o…

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Today is Clinical Trials Day, an observance commemorating the first controlled clinical trial conducted by James Lind on May 20, 1747. Much has changed since Lind studied scurvy in sailors, but the need for clinical trials has not.


The BC government and its Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, are starting to reopen the economy on a carefully-thought-out and gradual basis.


I dug out from my travel files a battered yellow booklet called “International Certificates of Vaccinations.” It tells me that I have been vaccinated against smallpox, cholera, yellow fever, typhoid, paratyphoid (A and B), polio, pneumonia, hepatitis A, tetanus, typhus, mumps, and both kinds…


Certainly, for Mother’s Day, the woman who gave birth to you will appreciate a card, phone call, socially distant visit, chocolates and/or flowers.

The next 18 months will be instrumental in revealing who will thrive and who will dive in the highly competitive cannabis sector.

In the vast majority of cases, historic homes are named after their first owners, or in some cases significant individuals or families who lived there.

The kiss of death could be just a breath away. You could be gone with the wind, but do you really give a damn, my dear?

A new word crept into my language while I wasn’t watching – “liminal.” None of my dictionaries include it. And they were only published 20 years ago.

Many of us are shaking our heads at images of Americans protesting in the streets to open up the country in the middle of a pandemic.

A series on the best Okanagan trails continues today with the Skaha Lake Loop located between Penticton and Okanagan Falls.


The world changed this last week — did you notice? The world’s most valuable commodity was momentarily worthless. No, I don’t mean gold.