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Thursday morning’s surprise announcement from Andrew Scheer creates more questions than answers.

May all of your holiday wishes come true, even if your wish is to see Kris Kringle slip on some reindeer crap and fall off a roof.

Some say the lumps of coal at Christmas story started in Holland in the 16th century. Before stockings were used, children would put their clogs by the fireplace. When a child was bad, they got a lump of coal. If they were good, they got a small toy, cookies or candy.

Luke Strimbold, the former mayor of Burns Lake, was sentenced to two years less a day and two years of probation Wednesday after he pled guilty in May to four counts of sexual assault against four boys under 16 between 2014 and 2017.

Just six months after it became law, the Protection of Public Participation Act was invoked in unusual circumstances by a defendant in court.


Today’s column is not about me, however it would be difficult to write about anything without first acknowledging the storm caused by my comments in this column two weeks ago in which I spoke on the topic of homelessness in Kelowna.

Justin Trudeau is in a lot of hot water for having his conversation picked up at Buckingham Palace when he whispered about U.S. President Donald Trump. Ouch! Didn’t he learn from Frank Drebbin in “The Naked Gun?” (Frank left his lapel mic on at a press conference — if you’ve seen the movie, …

They buried the apostrophe the other day. He was a tiny little fellow, made even smaller by being curled up like that, so it didn’t take much to build the coffin. The only problem was, nobody knew where to put it. How appropriate.


In the last three decades, virtually every provincial and federal government has supported the lifting of internal trade barriers with words rather than deeds.


Hundreds of school trustees are gathering at Vancouver’s Hyatt Regency Hotel this month for the B.C. School Trustees Association’s (BCSTA) annual “academy”, and we’re all picking up the tab.

According to a cross-party group of MLAs, changes should be made in the way our province’s health professions are regulated.


Don't stop drinking white wines just because the weather has turned cold and snow is flying.


Today, Friday, Dec. 6, marks the 30th anniversary of the deadliest mass murder in Canadian history. That is, if you don’t count attacks on indigenous peoples. They were, after all, just Indians.

Editor’s note: The following comes from our friends at the Prince George Citizen, but applies to almost every B.C. community, including the ones in our region.

We are now in the first week of December (how can that be?) and the month brings hectic shopping, seasonal music, festive lighting, above-average television and The Daily Courier’s 2019 “Be An Angel” campaign.


Hi. My name is Michael, and this letter will probably not be too popular, but here it goes. I have been homeless a lot during my life. From Vancouver to Montreal and everywhere in between, I have slept on streets, in shelters, squats, cardboard boxes, train cars. I even slept in the little a…

It might be a process of aging. Perhaps it’s a sign of some slight personal growth. Maybe it’s a direct result of the recent deaths of several people with whom I shared proximity. Whatever the cause, or causes, I have incurred a drastically heightened focus on developing the deeper, more sub…


City staff in Kelowna made headlines all across the province Tuesday with its bold move to relocate about 100 homeless people from their familiar confines on Leon Ave. to two Kelowna parks in the north end of the city.

Had the District of Peachland held a by-election to break a tie for the mayoral race, it would have cost taxpayer there $25,000.

It’s always risky to make predictions — they might come true. Nevertheless, I’ll predict that the student revolt in Hong Kong will be crushed.

I hope Academy Awards’ voters show some love this year for Tom Hanks. He is great in “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?,” which opened in wide release, Friday.