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Others feel as if they have lost connection with personal faith as though the spiritual wifi has crashed; they feel as if they are drifting aimlessly through the mists of doubt and tides of repetitive questions.

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Phantom Creek Estates CEO Santiago Cilley takes a seat on the patio, glass of wine in hand, and a huge smile breaks across his face.

There is the smart thing to do, and then there is the stupid way. If this was a test in school; and you were asked to pick one of the two. Would you pick smart or stupid?

We have all heard of Kiefer Sutherland, the star of Designated Survivor, and the counter-terrorist hero Jack Bauer who fights his way through each episode of 24, saving the world.

In the news this week, a pharmacist who worked in both Kelowna and Summerland was disciplined by the College of Pharmacists of B.C. for dispensing narcotics and other drugs without a prescription for a second time. His punishment for his second offence: a four-week suspension and $1,000 fine.

Schools are re-opening. Restaurants, bars, and offices are re-opening. People look forward to life returning to normal.

Sorry, Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, but you are wrong in stating American society is not racist. The early American colonies were founded on intentional racism and many of the same systemic, racist attitudes continue today.

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The federal government can have a positive or negative effect on the national economy using two primary tools — fiscal or monetary policy. On rare occasions it can also use foreign exchange regulations as well.

Throughout this pandemic, many of us have spent too much time binge-watching Netflix. That is a “confession” that is often brought to me in my day-to-day life.

According to coverage in The Atlantic, a reputable news agency, the U.S. president referred to the war dead as “losers” and “suckers” and wasn’t sure of “who the good guys” were in the First World War.

In my November 2018 report, I focused on revelations that Statistics Canada was “demanding access to certain Canadians personal financial and banking information, including all transactions along with bank account balances without citizens’ consent or even notification that this is going on.”

We are now entering month 7 since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared in Canada, and with many of the government’s pandemic recovery programs coming close to their end, I’ve been finding more people, businesses and industry associations reaching out again to our office with their concerns. Th…

You’ve heard of the last Mohican? Well my friends out there in newspaper-land, I’m the last Bates of my clan. You might say, I’m one of a kind.

During the last 10 days I have watched — reluctantly, I admit — parts of the Democratic and Republican national conventions in the U.S.

My question about Walmart’s policy on customer masks is why didn’t the retail giant begin making them mandatory in March at the start of the pandemic?

When I meet new people, my name creates a bemused response. I give it little thought as I come from a long line of Phil Collinses.

On Thursday, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced a $50-million program to get surplus perishable food products to vulnerable people during the pandemic.