Harm reduction will work here

Dear Editor:

As journalists, I believe you hold the responsibility to inform and educate the public. The Daily Courier is failing to inform citizens of Kelowna the specific dynamics of harm reduction work in the context of substance use. We are not reinventing the wheel Kelowna!

Harm reduction works and is championed by many communities. Write about international strategies and successes. Please do your job and inform and educate the public. Do Kelowna citizens care more about money than people? It appears so.

So please do your job, report how harm reduction reduces crime, and the costs of policing, and paramedic/emergency care. It’s time to go deeper than your shallow reporting.

Vee Krisp


Get on with the important issues

Dear Editor:

We have so many troubling issues to discuss with regards to the federal election, yet the press keeping feeding us with issues like LGBTQ+ and abortion issues that have in fact been determined by the voters some time ago.

What makes me so mad is the fact that the press keep putting these issues to the front, which are very important, but resolved by law in the past and all leaders have said they will not engage in any move to change the law.

CBC keeps on saying that Andrew Scheer has not made his personal views known. Justin Trudeau also keeps pushing these issues.

Both Scheer and Trudeau are practicing Roman Catholics. The Catholic church does not recognize abortion. So, for both of them are practicing Catholics, they both must be pro life. The CBC also reported that Elizabeth May is Pro Life.

That should be the end of it, their personal beliefs and religious beliefs are separated from their political beliefs.

All of them have said that the electorate have decided and the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled on this issue.

So why is the CBC continuing to say that Scheer has not been clear on his position? Everyone has for years know that he is personally pro life. Everyone has know that he is a practicing Roman Catholic and supports the views of his church. Has he been a hypocrite and turned his back on his church and personal beliefs, I think not.

Trudeau has, on the other hand, kept pounding at Scheer to clearly state his personal beliefs.

I would like the press to ask Trudeau to do just as Scheer has and tell the voters of Canada his personal position, not that he is in favour of a woman’s right to choose, but that he is in favour of abortion which in my opinion leave him in direct conflict with his beliefs as a Catholic and I might add, in conflict with most Christian faiths around the world.

Come on CBC, on Monday night ask the question to Trudeau: are you in favour of abortion and do you support abortion.

Then we can get on with discussing the real issues.

My own position as a non-practicing Catholic is to support the majority and the law that allows abortion as per the law. So hate me if you want, but this is Canada and we have the God-given right to express our honest views right or wrong.

Bob Otway


Canadians need to ask questions

Dear Editor:

This federal election requires some serious questions asked rather than those just fielded by the media. Each and everyone of us should ask questions like:

Who wouldn’t want a government that wouldn’t lift a finger to help returning terrorists that went to work with ISIS?

Who wants to cut foreign aid from $6 to $4.5 billion?

Who will balance the budget like we do at home?

Who will put stronger controls on immigration while keeping it compassionate? reduce corporate welfare by $1.5 billion (should be 100% reduction?) repeal carbon tax legislation and rely on technological improvements? Repeal the no-pipelines act? Won’t open the debate on abortion? Try to create a national energy corridor?

Who will listen to and truly act on voters concerns?

Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives offer the most prudent, practical responsible approach so far.

Wayne Llewellyn


Need possibility of death penalty

Dear Editor:

In regards to Dr. W. Gifford-Jones’ column “Rule of law could end shootings” (Okanagan Weekend, Sept. 29), I agree with the author that a civilized society needs at least the possibility of capital punishment.

There are two requirements to live in a civilized society; first, to teach children to “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength; this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”.

The second is a properly-functioning justice system, which would include

capital punishment. This accords with the preamble to the Canadian Charter which states: “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”.

Human nature being what it is; we are selfish and rebellious, whether we admit it or not. This is where the guns, and drug dealing, and rape and murder come in.

For Canada to become a country of law and order, we would need laws with impact, and a public school system that was purged of the toxic humanist rhetoric, and replaced with children learning the 10 Commandments.

I believe it was Aldous Huxley, an evolutionist and humanist who said “ people who believe in God tend to live better.” Wise words from someone who didn’t believe.

Brian Unrau


Tories stoop to personal attacks

Dear Editor:

I do love these insightful letters to the editor. What’s unfortunate about the likes of some of Conservative persuasion, since there is little valid criticism of the Liberal record of the past four years, all that’s left for them are these unhealthy, obsessive personal attacks on Justin Trudeau.

This has been the norm, both in and out of the House of Commons, in spite of truth or common sense.

In Saskatchewan alone, there’s been an all-time record for employment set in June, including the 11th consecutive month of year-over-year job increases. In Canada overall , record employment.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

However, the most amazing thing recently to have issued from Andrew Scheer was “ the Liberals don’t have the vision for big projects.”

Did you hear it? Think Trans Canada Highway, the Trans Canada Pipeline (for decades, the longest pipeline in the world) , the St. Lawrence Seaway, Family Allowance, OAS, GIS, Employment Insurance, CPP, National Housing Act, Universal Health Care, veteran’s care — all of which the Conservatives fought every step of the way.

Forty-six per cent of Canadians earn less than $46,000 per annum.Yet, to hear Scheer is to hear echoes of Mitt Romney, just four years ago saying incredulously to his Republican supporters : “50 % of the population think our tax dollars should help them.”.

“Survival of the fittest” is the Conservative game plan. They have an excellent plan — for the 1% to live magnificently , predominantly tax free and for the government to live within your means.

Some of the “likes of us” think that’s not right.

Elaine Lawrence


Let’s not have a repeat of Florida

Dear Editor:

In this election, my highest priority is a government that takes climate change seriously and will actively undertake corrective policies.

In the 2000 U.S. election, George W. Bush won the presidency over Al Gore by a very slim majority. In Florida, Bush received a slim 537 single vote majority over Gore, but if Green candidate, Ralph Nader, had not received 97,488 Florida votes, the majority of these would have gone to Gore. Winning Florida would have given Gore a majority in the Electoral College and the presidency.

Just think of the frustrations felt by Nadar’s progressive voters when the were forced to realize their votes gave Bush the presidency.

Just imagine what progress on climate change the world would have seen if Gore had become U.S. president in 2000.

The current federal election is known to be a very close contest between the two major Canadian parties. Locally, only three of the four of our most-active political parties give climate change a significant priority in their party platform.

If climate change is a priority for you, on Oct. 21, don’t make the mistake Nader voters made. Don’t vote for a candidate that has no chance of winning; vote Stephen Fuhr, the Liberal party candidate.

Eleanor Geen

Lake Country

Gray doesn’t get climate change

Dear Editor:

During the past several months, there has been a profound shift in public sentiment on climate change. Many people all over the world now see climate change as the biggest issue of our time. When you vote on Oct. 21, you may want an MP who shares that awareness.

In the Kelowna-Lake Country riding, Stephen Fuhr is running for the Liberals and Tracy Gray for the Conservatives. One of these two will, in all likelihood, become the riding MP for the next four years. Fuhr is dedicated to addressing climate change immediately and aggressively.

Then there is Gray, who was asked about climate change in a CBC radio interview by Chris Walker. Walker began the questioning by referring to a previous Conservative social media feed in Gray’s riding (now switched out) that had consistently questioned the scientific consensus around climate change. Walker wanted to know if Gray agreed with the views stated in the social media feed.

Gray began by saying, “Climate change is real.” However, in the face of repeated questioning, she remained evasive about the causes of climate change. For example, when Walker asked her directly whether she saw human activity as the primary driver of climate change, she said, “Based on what I’ve seen, I’ve definitely seen reports like that.”

He persisted: “Do you understand that that’s a broad scientific consensus?”

Her reply: “That’s what I’ve read.”

In other words, Gray repeatedly declined to answer “yes” or “no” to a straightforward yes-or-no question.

Gray’s responses during her CBC interview suggest to me an attempt to conceal or sidestep her real views, which are likely the views stated in her now switched-out social media feed. Her motive? A fear of losing votes if she is open and honest.

We can’t count on Tracy Gray.

Parliament already has enough foot- draggers. I’m voting Liberal, to elect an MP willing to confront this “real and urgent crisis.”

Gary Willis