Dear Editor:

With regard to the Ron Seymour column “Federal Kelowna riding returns to its roots” (Courier, Oct. 23) let’s unpack some of Ron’s comments.

Certainly, there is no one happier than Seymour that Kelowna-Lake Country has regained its federal Conservative face, but that does not give him licence to invent his own version of reality and use the paper he works for to pander his nonsense. At least not unchallenged.

Much of words in this column are Seymour’s interpretation of my comments where he desperately tries to inflame voters by suggesting that I implied something that, in fact, only lives in the mind of Ron Seymour. For example, Ron’s interpretation of rural Canadians as being fools, rubes and country bumpkins may not bode well for paper sales in Oyama or Lake Country.

To my point of rural Canada being more affected by Andrew Scheer’s blatant lies, my comment refers to the fact that a number of these lies were about issues that disproportionately affected more people in rural areas than urban ones. Perhaps that’s because much of the Con base lives in rural Canada.

Have you looked at a political map lately Ron? Conservative lies about what the Liberals did or may do about gun legislation is just one example of Conservative targeted deception directed at rural voters.

The number of blatant lies coming from Andrew Scheer was quite remarkable. The CPC realized they couldn’t win the policy fight, and instead took a page from Ontario Premier Doug Ford who had recently demonstrated that you could win an election in Canada with zero policy and a revved-up disdain for your political opponent. How’s that working out in Ontario?

Not well.

Lies, lies and more lies included, but were not limited to taxation, guns and drugs. These lies were faithfully distributed by the CPC through a myriad of channels and effectively galvanized those who were already ideologically predisposed to failed conservative policies. So Ron, when I hear these lies repeated back to me as a rationale for why someone may be upset or concerned, it is a real problem. It’s not a matter of disagreement, it’s a matter of truth.

On the issue of federal fiscal support to Kelowna-Lake Country, I did not say or imply the “taps” would be turned off. I would qualify this as a lie, Ron. Your lie.

The fact is we did see some of the best federal fiscal investment this community has ever seen. This was because Canada elected a federal government that valued investing in communities, and in 2015 Kelowna-Lake Country, elected an MP who believed it was his job to capitalize on those opportunities. Continued success in this effort will rest with the new MP. At least we retained a Liberal government that will continue to make these opportunities available.

It is indeed unfortunate that you just couldn’t let me go without smearing me with your version of reality. But as we well know, opinions are not journalism and surely columns like yours add to the cynicism and division that hinders more than informs.

This is a great community and I was honoured to be able to serve the people of Kelowna-Lake Country for four positive years. Our community’s success is bigger than any elected representative and surely deserves better from you and the cynical way you have portrayed its citizens.