Dear Editor:

As our season opener draws near, we want to take a moment to remind our wonderful community that is does not take much to support our players.

All it takes is just one game.

If every household came to just one game a year, our boys would step through the tunnel, hit the ice, look up to the stands and marvel at the full crowd that has come out to support them. Many of these players choose to come to West Kelowna, to proudly wear our name, proudly represent our city, and are willing to bleed for their fans, teammates and community.

Parents all across North America entrust their sons to our community, our staff, our billet families and our fans. Our wish is for every player who eventually moves on to remember West Kelowna as the best place they played, with the best fans, the best teammates and best memories. It all starts with your support.

We can do this West Kelowna, all it takes is #JustOneGame

The full schedule is now posted online at:

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