Dear Editor:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is only interested in protecting Canadian jobs. This is strange since he has caused job losses in Alberta and more in Saskatchewan by his actions of trying to close down our energy sector.

Sadly, the only jobs he has created are in Saudi Arabia. The PM prefers Canada buys Saudi oil and at the same time transfers billions of our dollars to them, when he could buy Canadian oil via the west to east pipeline that he stopped being built.

Notice Saudi Arabia allows no freedom for its females, yet our PM says nothing.

It is OK for all those oil tankers to enter the St. Lawrence waterway, no complaints from any Green of which the PM is supposed to be, which he is not.

The Greens complain the oil tankers are a danger to the West Coast, but nothing is said if the same tankers enter the St. Lawrence River. Nor not one Green protests American tankers off the West Coast. For some reason, the PM and Greens want rail cars, instead of pipelines, which are safer and more cost effective.

The recent truckers’ caravan from Alberta to Parliament Hill protested the loss of jobs for their group, but the PM

refused to meet these protesters, nor did he bother to send the lowest bureaucrat in Ottawa to greet or to talk to any of these truckers.

So much for worrying about job losses.

It is time to tell the PM he represents all of Canada, not just a corrupt company like SNC-Lavalin or the repressive Saudis.