Letter of the Day: Netflix killed the video store

Dear Editor:

It will be a gloomy day for me if Leo's Videos closes down in November this year after being such a great rental staple for so many of us in Kelowna for so many years now.

Yes, I admit that I was not always the very best customer as of late, only renting now and then, but life happens and I had a move and change. I became super busy with owning a moving business.

Leo’s has always had a great selection of titles and very good service from the owner himself. Plus, so many weekly specials which always makes it so worth renting there.

If I could pitch in and buy this place, I would!

And with Netflix sucking so much and so often — playing the same titles over and over and seldom bringing in all the new good titles — it’s places like Leo's that allow us to rent popular, good movies at more affordable prices than “On Demand” allows!

“On Demand” charges $7 plus tax these days — robbery — and that rate will go up too.

On Demand came about and exists only because customers have become too lazy and to them, it’s simply a matter of convenience. And believe me, I know first hand as I worked for eight solid years of my life until 2007 at what was the last Blockbuster in the Okanagan.

So I really wish Leo’s could stay open for all of us to still enjoy for more years to come. I also wish more lazies and idiotic millennials would understand this and just get off their lazy butts and go in and rent a good movie ... the old fashioned way. The way it was meant to be!

Leo’s — you rule!

Sorry I cannot help more to keep you open because I am just one movie-loving person here.

Nol Preen