My little chickadee

Reader Lloyd Atkins supplied this photo of a black-capped chickadee fledgling.

Beautiful, scary moment captured

Dear Editor:

The other day my wife, Vicky, took the attached picture in our backyard. The last of eight black-capped chickadee babies was summoning up the courage to leave the safety of its nest-box home. Being left behind was not an option.  

Moments after the picture was taken, the little fledgling took a leap into the unknown. I believe the little bird would have felt some form of exhilaration during that first flight. 

Lloyd Atkins


RV parks need more sani-dumps

Dear Editor:

It was interesting to read about the parks adding more camping spaces. Someone , either cities or businesses need to step up and do something about the critical shortages of sani-dumps for RVs in the Okanagan Valley .

Our region is a tourist destination and it’s a strange thing that Parks Canada can provide parking spaces but doesn’t have to provide sani services. A private campground would be required to. Why don’t the RV companies speak up for their clients ?

Take a short drive to Merritt and see how a town can provide excellent services.

Bill Besse


Lies, fraud with Roe versus Wade

Dear Editor:

Methinks columnists like David Bond and Jim Taylor (Courier, May 25, 28) should do their homework if they are to write columns that purport to inform and

educate others, rather than depending on outdated, unscientific and erroneous hearsay from the propaganda mills. 

Why are they referring to Roe versus Wade as to some monument of legal justice changing the law in 1973 when that legal case was based on lies and fraud? That’s a fact, though the woman involved was not given much press after she publicly recanted her perjury.

And. one of the chief merchandisers of abortion, Dr. Bernard Nathanson also confessed that the figures and statistics given to promote abortion (as a lucrative business) were picked out of the air after the actual stats for women dying of back alley abortions was abysmally low — they simply made up startling new statistics to grab public’s attention. Look it up, please. 

Science has also spoken loudly over the past years confirming without a shadow of a doubt, using the most modern of medical technology, that a baby is a human person since the moment of conception — not a “bunch of cells” as is endlessly repeated in the press. 

It is not a part of the woman’s body, neither by sex, blood or DNA. This child, as well as having all its human features and organs, has its own consciousness and burgeoning self awareness.

There are interesting studies going back many years of babies born with special musical talents playing songs that they heard from their mothers while still in the womb. These little people recognize the voice of their parents before they are born and respond to them after.

We have no more right to choose to kill that tiny person than we have to kill a boarder in our home. Will our streets be crawling with unwanted children? Didn’t happen prior to 1973. What is different now?

The city that I grew up in (prior to 1973) never even had an orphanage.Were we better, more caring people then — remember, that was before contraception?

Friends of mine, unable to conceive, but longing for children, went through their whole lives without finding a child to adopt. And in Canada and the U.S. we are not having enough children to even replace our own population so we are depending on bringing in immigrants to help care for our aging population and to keep the mills of industry and our economy turning.

But, we abort by the millions and keep on shooting ourselves in the foot... and the heart.

Janet Schredl


The corruption of the best

Dear Editor:

The Irish government has just brought forward a law easing the path to divorce. This desire to be like “other countries” would have been unimaginable to those who gave their lives in 1916 for independence from foreign influences.

It was actually a Christ-inspired revolution, taking place at Easter, with the classically-educated leaders willing to give their lives for their convictions. They published a manifesto on human dignity that won the attention of other emerging nations.

All the leaders were executed by firing squad as they expected. Present-day leaders have forgotten their history and no one can alter their determination to return the county to the influence of the world media.

The Irish nation they died for was to be built on the family. Our whole tradition was in the clan. The formation of a family was, in the past, such a strong desire that many married as soon as possible.

Marriage was celebrated simply and Irish mothers traditionally were exceptional in bringing the woman’s genius to this centre of love. Now the new law, in a twitter, is declaring that marriage is 50% impossible. This is a very serious matter for children.

In every case, the innocent victims of divorce is children. The children want the parents to stay together; it is rooted in the inclination of human nature. The best ally of faithful love is human nature. True love in itself is inclined to be faithful.

Now divorce is an an institution as much as marriage, and people must follow the rules of this and see a lawyer. When difficulties arise couples are propelled towards divorce because others expect them to.

Now, with the new law, they can really do so and be certain they will be applauded for taking this step. The line of argument goes like this: a young woman like you should make something more of your life. Cardinal Christoph Shonborn of Vienna was asked on a visit to a grade school: “Bishop, what was the most difficult moment of your life”?

“When I heard that my parents had divorced”.

Added to this is the disadvantages of poverty; the divorce is financially crippling for both Mom and Dad. “The great savageness of Divorce sweeps them up in its claws and destroys them all” (D.A Richards).

The corruption of the best, the family, is the worst. In other words, the depth to which we have fallen is the measure of the height to which we were once called.

Fr. Harry Clarke


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