Letter of the Day: Reformed Senate has some benefits

Dear Editor:

Justin Trudeau’s simple and far-reaching proclamation of freeing Liberal Senators from any partisan role; allowing them to act and behave as independent senators, (if they wished), has reinvigorated the Senate and has since then begun to add to the growing creditability among Canadians for the role of Upper Chamber.

However, adding a third element (independent senators) to the traditional duo-dynamics of a Conservative and Liberal senate, though good for Canadians, has not been particularly good for Conservative senators that still stubbornly cling to traditional partisan roles.

One thing is for sure: this new independent third group of senators has diluted the Conservative partisan hold and, in many ways, freed the senate.

Conservative senators still sit with their Conservative MPs in caucus meetings. Their close proximity seems to colour their sober second thought with a partisan hue and this has never been good for Canada.

The thing is, there are Conservative senators who are politically right wing and heavily partisan, using their position to further partisan goals. But in fairness there are other Conservative senators who are actually good caring people and are well placed to help Canada.

Legislative procedure and process can be the tools of opposition and this is not unique to government, but we know these legislative tools in the hands of an overt partisan operative can also hide in plain sight obstructist’s tactics; wrapping themselves in the flag claiming the delays were in the interest of Canadians when in fact they are just delays.

Independent film maker Werner Herzog once, when asked what his films meant, said, “Sometimes what you see is what you get; sometimes a dancing chicken is just that, a dancing chicken.”

It is what it is.

 Jon Peter Christoff   

West Kelowna

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