One-use plastic ban positive step

Dear Editor:

The Liberal government’s ban on single-use plastics to be implemented in 2021 is welcome for those of us who are concerned about the generation of unnecessary, difficult-to-handle waste.

While the list of items to be banned is still under consideration, I hope it will include the plastic plates, cutlery and styrofoam containers used by so many restaurants — even for eat-in service. Sometimes you can’t even get a real fork and plate by request and have no option but to add to the problem.

It may be a little more time-consuming for businesses to wash dishes and cutlery rather than just discarding them, but the volume of waste generated is becoming unmanageable. Informed consumers will be happy to patronize businesses which look for more environmentally-friendly options well in advance of the regulations becoming effective.

Some say that much more must be done and it’s true that such a ban may initially have only a modest impact on environmental pollution, but it’s a good start! Every step is important in the journey to a more sustainable future.

Jane Morgan


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