Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran was right to involve police after learning of an online threat. However, the way he went about addressing the issue was poor.

In the comments section of the Infotel news site, a 52-year-old Kelowna man responded to the issue of a South Pandosy development.

“Put a bullet in this (expletive deleted),” read the post, which was later taken down.

Comments such as these should never happen, but welcome to the world of social media.

Basran and his team at city hall responded with a press conference. The mayor read a four-minute statement and then left as media was told in advance he wouldn’t field questions.

Standing beside him at the press conference were members of council, his wife, mother and two children.

What do his kids have to do with anything?

Politicians’ kids belong at events like Easter egg hunts, dropping the puck for a hockey tournament, or youth-oriented initiatives.

Even U.S. president Donald Trump keeps his own son Baron, now 13, out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Perhaps a more suitable way of handling this would be for Basran to issue a statement to the media. We still would have run with it.

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Sometimes when I meet readers for the first time, they complain about the regulars who appear to be hogging letters-to-the-editor space.

I, for one, don’t limit the regulars (which maybe, I should) because it’s silencing free speech.

However, one thing I tell people is they may or may not like Elvena Slump or Tom Isherwood or Jon Peter Christoff, but these people are real. They exist. We know who they are and they’re willing to stand on the record.

Although the Basran case is somewhat different because the person who posted used his real name, many on the internet hide behind a shield of anonymity.

Only on the rarest of occasions (it usually deals with being the victim of a vicious crime) will we publish an anonymous letter.

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I love some of the names that video game makers come up with. In Sascha Heist’s column today, he references a new game that’s now out — “Insect Armageddon.” That sounds like my garden.

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Trump has pardoned former media baron Conrad Black. Why not? I think he should also pardon Martha Stewart.

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Another one of our favourites from the 1970s died this week — Tim Conway, a six-time Emmy Award winner, best known for “The Carol Burnett Show.”

While the acting on today’s TV shows is good, when you think back to the 1970s, programs like “Carol Burnett,” “All in the Family,” “MASH” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” had great ensemble acting.

There is a difference between a show with great actors and great ensemble acting.

The best show to come out in the past decade for ensemble acting was “Breaking Bad.”

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