Dear Editor:

Canada currently has the potential to create the greatest real life political action figure the world has ever seen. Some gene splicing will be involved but the raw materials are available right now.

Just look at the traits these potential donors have to contribute and then imagine the possibilities.

Justin Trudeau has a Superman-like aptitude for leaping over high deficits in a single bound.

Andrew Scheer has a Plastic-Man-like capacity to morph into whatever shape is popular at any given moment.

Jagmeet Singh has an Invisible-Man-like ability to wave his arms and jump about without being noticed.

Elizabeth May has a She-Hulk-like flair for wearing gaudy green garments to distract rational people from listening to reason.

Maxime Bernier has a Spider-Man-like skill for ensnaring the unwary in webs spun from his tricky-sticky words.

Jody Wilson-Raybould has a Wonder-Woman-like power to cripple a deceitful man with a single grain of truth.

On second thought, any political action figure created by mixing the genes of these denizens of Ottawa’s political swamp would probably end up making Donald Trump look like a modern-day Prince Charming.

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