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Thank you to the four trustees for supporting our youth

Dear Editor:

Norah Bowman, Moyra Baxter, Rolli Cacchioni and Chantelle Desrosiers: we at Kelowna Pride Society are grateful for your support of the LGBT2Q+ community, and especially to our youth.

You are shining role models and advocates for our impressive young people, who are leading the way in overcoming stigma and discrimination.

LGBT2Q+ youth are four times more likely to have attempted suicide and represent 25-40% of homeless youth in Canada. These statistics are astronomically higher for trans youth with suicide attempts at 19% and thoughts of suicide at 47%. Having support from parents, trusted adults and a community that fosters inclusion as been proven to greatly improve these outcomes.

Our organization is aware of the opinions of your colleagues on the Central Okanagan School Board. We were made aware of these through their lack of support for SOGI-123. Unfortunately, your peers on the board seem to confuse their freedom of religion with their rights and responsibilities as elected officials.

As we reflect upon the 50 years since the Stonewall Riots and the progress that has been made towards equality and inclusion, the Kelowna Pride Society has chosen “Because of You” as our theme for the Kelowna Pride Week.

We are committed to educating both youth and adults about how far we have come, and the progress that still needs to be made. Your small change can make a big difference — especially to our youth.

We place our trust in Bowman, Baxter, Desrosiers, and Cacchioni to continue their work of providing the best education, policies and support available to our young people, and to continue educating their peers. We look forward to your presence at Kelowna Pride Festival.

Ally is a verb — thank you for putting your words into action.

Davina Kula, Director of Education & Youth Initiatives

Blake Edwards, Co-President

On behalf of KPS Board of Directors

Liberals are creating Canadian jobs

Dear Editor:

On June 7, data from Statistics Canada showed that 27,000 jobs were created in Canada in May 2019, with an additional 106,000 jobs in the month of April. Unemployment is down to 5.4%, the lowest rate since 1976. Wages are up 2.8% from this time last year.

We can be sure this will not appear in Dan Albas’s next “From the Hill” column.

Question: Do you approve of all these darned jobs being created, worse yet , mainly full-time jobs and the upswing in the economy?”

No wonder the Conservatives despise Statistics Canada and all but destroyed it.

Every day in the House of Commons during question period, for the purpose of sound bites televised across Canada, the Conservatives accuse the Liberals (“this prime minister” — which they say with the distaste one would speak of dog doo on one’s shoe) of depriving families of their child benefit by introducing a tax-free monthly payment with a yearly benefit of $6,639 per child under the age of six and $5,602 per child aged 6 through 17 — replacing a typically Conservative scheme dubbed the “family tax package” that allowed those with net taxable income to deduct some child care expense from their income tax payable.

Of course, the people genuinely needing assistance don’t fall in that category, a minor inconvenience in the Conservative plan, which they must think no one has noticed.

In other words, it’s a case of “we are going to rewrite history and we don’t want any pesky truth stuff interfering with our version.”

Elaine Lawrence


New equality or inequality dollar

Dear Editor:

The government announced that they minted a new loonie, officially baptized “equality dollar” (unofficially it is called the “gay loonie”) to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality across the country.

Nobody argues that the LGBTQ+ community has still serious problems which require serious solutions. But, the government has no time for serious issues as they are already looking for quick ways to lure voters. As the result, the new loonie is coming out of blue — and in a hurry — as we do not yet have any coins for our common values or societal challenges like: family, motherhood, First Nations, handicapped persons, etc. Now, only one community (LGBTQ+) was selected and highlighted.

Unfortunately, as in other areas, the government traditionally does not see any need to consult the population on its initiatives, be it a carbon tax, pipeline construction, etc. The culture of having (prior) public consultations could have significantly helped to improve the quality of government decisions.

For example, let's look at an “equality dollar” in a historical perspective. In ancient Rome, there were special brass coins called spintria. These coins depicted sexual acts or symbols and were used to pay prostitutes and/or at brothels. In other words, there were two types/kinds of money: official money with an emperor profile and sort of “dirty money” to pay for something which was not accepted by the society at that time.

The mint of an “equality dollar” out of the traditional context of the existing Canadian coins may invoke the above undesirable illusion. Hence, a kind request to the government — please talk to people (before exposing new initiatives) so that serious stuff is treated seriously.

Serge Kouzmin

West Kelowna

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