Help in the fight vs breast cancer

Dear Editor:

Earlier this month, new data released by the Canadian Cancer Society told us that the breast cancer death rate in women has been almost cut in half since it peaked in 1986.

This incredible new statistic shows us that years of dedicated research funding are producing outcomes that are making a real difference in the lives of Canadians. For many people who have received a breast cancer diagnosis, as well as their families, the five-year breast cancer survival rate of 88% has helped transform their diagnosis from one of fear to one of hope.

So, after hearing impactful news like this, why are we still talking about breast cancer? The unfortunate reality is that there remains so much more to be done.

There is no doubt that significant progress is being made. But as long as there are an average of 75 Canadians who are diagnosed with breast cancer each day, we can’t stop raising funds for the breast cancer cause.

We know that one-in-eight Canadian women is expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. In 2019 alone, it is estimated that 26,900 Canadian women will hear the words “you have breast cancer.” We know that breast cancer is the most common cancer in Canadian women.

But we also know that in about a month, over 80,000 people will come together at Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure events across the country to show just how important the breast cancer cause is to Canadians.

The CIBC Run for the Cure unites a collective of Canadians who are a force-for-life in the face of breast cancer. With the support of that collective, we fund the best breast cancer research, provide the largest cancer support system in the country and advocate on behalf of all Canadians for important social change.

I encourage you to join us by signing up today for the CIBC Run for the Cure at

Tanya Henry, Vice President

Signature and Special Events

Canadian Cancer Society

Democracy is doomed, it seems

Dear Editor:

Re: “Our democracy, can it be saved?,” by Glen Jones (Okanagan Weekend, Sept. 14).

As Glen Jones pointed out, very often with both federal and provincial governments, the majority of voters are not represented because they do not want to be represented by the party that gains power in the first-past-the-post system.

This can mean only one thing — at heart we are a nation of anarchists who do not want to be ruled by anyone. The solution? We need to either change the system by never voting again for any party that did not introduce proportionate voting while they were in power or form a national anarchist party.


Brian Sutch


Libraries are a place for all

Dear Editor:

Re: “Speak out and you’re a hater” by Rosemary Lalonde (Courier, Sept. 17). 

Lalonde argues freedom includes the right to disagree without being called a hater. If we were talking about art or politics or literature, all opinions should be heard without judgment, agreed. Where we part company is when the disagreement is based on hate, thus earning the label. 

The disagreement here is not about the presentation — all we knew about the presentation is that it was determined by library staff to be appropriate for all ages and that it was offered by a drag queen — so it wasn’t the content Lalonde objects to, it is about the person presenting it. 

Apparently, drag queens like Frieda Whales, are objectionable people to those who subscribe to a religion that teaches God loves all his children, — “do unto others” as you would have done to you, “love your neighbour.” They’ve appended “except LGBTQ and people of any other religion” to what they view as God’s word.  

A terrorist attacking “non-believers” didn’t just wake up one day and decide to kill certain people, their religious dogma was misinterpreted and bastardized to reach the conclusion they are doing “God’s work” by eliminating all non-believers. 

How far removed is that from saying only certain people can exist in the public realm because your religion only accepts certain people?

Do Christians really think Jesus would have thrown Freida Whales out of the library just for being who she is?

Lalonde and her ilk have “traditional religious views of family life” and do not want to expose themselves or their children to another kind of lifestyle. Why? Because it is easier to make people who are not like them invisible than it is to explain their hypocrisy? Because they are afraid that they may actually learn something from Frieda Whales that does not square with their twisted, restrictive view of what love “should be.” Or is it fear that one look at a drag queen will all of a sudden “make” their kids gay?

A library is a public institution open to all. The very purpose of a library is to open minds. If the reality and beauty of difference bothers the “religious,” then they are free to stay in their cocoon of ignorance and divisiveness.

They just cannot pretend their objection is based on anything other than an absence of love for certain others; in other words, hate.

Najia Haddock

West Kelowna

Bring back the death penalty

Dear Editor:

So let me see if I understand our judicial system.

Jacob Forman gets a life sentence (Courier, Sept. 17). Wow that’s great. He will get a room to himself, television and library privileges, so he can prepare for a retrial, probably to claim his wife and kids made him do it.

He should be settled in time to vote in the federal election. He now has free health care, dental and will get paid so he can order products online with computer privileges. The Catholic pope says we can’t take away his dignity.

Really, well let’s send him to Rome to live with Pope and cardinals and allow the Vatican to treat him with dignity.

We should be ashamed of ourselves to think this is what your God wants. This person is a coward who takes lives of a precious wife and children, but does not want to hurt himself.  

I would have no problem injecting this person with poison or releasing guillotine handle and then go out to dinner.

Bring back the death penalty for murder  of women and children. In a society where a teenager in his underwear only gets shot multiple times and charges are stayed, nothing is going to change unless Canadians stand up to injustice.

Remember the man who killed his three children in Merritt, a few years back. He blames killing them on his bogeyman and the court system bought it.

This person should not be walking this earth.  

We really should be ashamed of ourselves

Mike Polvere