Dear Editor:

Last week, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer earnestly unveiled his health announcement: his guarantee, no less.

He goes so far as to say he will “raise” the health transfers, employing a 3% escalator.

You may recall health transfers were guaranteed at 6% by former prime minister Paul Martin. In 2011, during the election campaign, Stephen Harper said,”We are planning on a 6% ongoing increase for health transfers. We have been very consistent on this.”

However, after the election the provinces were told the annual increases, known as the escalator, would be scaled back to 3%.

The Justin Trudeau government’s opening offer in 2017 was 3.5% annual raises with an additional $11.5 billion over 10 years for mental health and home care, with the the provinces, not unreasonably, expected to produce specific results in those areas.

This brings the average annual increase of transfer payment to 3.8%.

To suggest that a 3% health transfer escalator will somehow “raise transfers” is … let’s see… what was the term Scheer said?

Oh yes — “making things up.”

So quoth the “Improved 2.0 Version” of the Conservative party — unfortunately, exactly as advertised.