Dear Editor:

Westside Celebration Society has a mandate to host a free family festival annually in West Kelowna. This year, our organization hosted two events on the Westside: Celebrate Canada Day and Westside Daze on July 12-14.

At one point in time, the organizers did all the grunt work by setting up the field for events and concerts, which was physically demanding and although some team members could assist in set up and take down, it was too much work for the remainder of the team — then we found some angels to come and lend a hand, the men at Freedom’s Door.

Freedom’s Door residents now do these exhausting support services. They assist the logistic chair —providing people to set up the field, pick up garbage, change bins, clean tables in the food court, assist with driving those who cannot walk, and parking lot attendants. This year one young man was in our dunk tank at kid’s fair. They have been mascots and then they put everything away, clean the park and ask if they can do more.

Magically, they arrive with a smile and willingness to help, even the hard grunge work. They look after the organizers and our guests for the run of the festival and, without them, we would not have a smooth running, successful event.

Our sincere thank you's go to the volunteers from Freedom’s Door who have become a special part of the Westside celebration team. Your participation makes our event a success and we could not have done this without your involvement.

We wish you all the best of success as you move forward.

Leah Thordarson, President

Westside Celebration Society