You often read Good Samaritan stories in our letters to the editor.

Now, it’s my turn.

Driving south on Highway 97, Wednesday evening, just by the offramp near London Drugs in West Kelowna, I heard this huge bang. I thought I blew a tire or ran over a large box. I turned on the emergency flashers.

A young man and his wife followed behind me in their truck and tailed me into the parking lot.

“The loud bang you heard was a wrench ... I saw it flying at us,” he said, assuring me it was nothing major.

This event took him off the highway and probably added a few minutes of driving time to wherever he was going.

Small acts of kindness go a long way.

For every one event you hear about — such as a senior being robbed of her jewelry outside the Penticton casino (after giving money to a beggar) — there are dozens of Good Samaritan stories.

Good Samaritans are everywhere. We just don’t talk about them as much as we should.

And, if anyone’s missing a wrench from their tool box, it’s somewhere on the side of Highway 97 and please be more careful with your tools.

- - -

Congratulations Christina Lake on being officially recognized as “the pickleball capital of Canada.” I thought that was Penticton.

- - -

Does Dan Albas, as a member of Parliament have nothing more pressing to worry about than what kind of car Connie Denesiuk drives?

- - -

You know you’ve stayed at the party too long when the DJ plays “Gloria” by Laura Branigan.

- - -

A former executive with the Central Okanagan Hospice Association has been sentenced to eight months in jail for stealing $106,000 from the charity.

The same individual, Susan Steen, also ripped off Nanaimo Community Hospice for $17,000 and was sentenced to four months in jail.

I’m glad the Crown took this seriously because there’s too much white-collar crime and by people in positions of responsibility.

I credit both executives (Central Okanagan and Nanaimo) for pursuing police action. In the past, these things were always swept under the rug for fear of giving a not-for-profit organization a bad name.

By the way, it has been well over a year since RCMP in the South Okanagan provided evidence and recommended charges against a person or persons alleged to have stolen money from the Downtown Penticton Association.

If this file is moving, it’s travelling at a snail’s pace.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

- - -

I’m sure going to miss Rick Webber on the Global Okanagan five o’clock news. Rick was a great newscaster. He is also a great person and will be missed.

Good night and good luck.

James Miller is valley editor for the Okanagan Newspaper Group. To contact the writer: or phone 250-470-0741.