Dear Editor:

In her letter regarding letters to the editor Carol Stein says, “All the “letters were excellent and enlightening” (Courier, Aug. 27). These letters had a strong conservative bias and contained a number of serious factual inaccuracies and misleading assertions.

I will let others comment on these.

She concludes by saying that, “Canada really is on a downward path.”

I cannot see the downward path when:

1. More than one million additional Canadians are working today than in 2015;

2. The poverty rate is the lowest ever;

3. The unemployment rate is the lowest ever;

4. Debt-to-GDP is the lowest in the G7;

5. Canada now has a triple-A credit rating;

6. The last two Conservative governments ran deficits that created 70% of our debt.

These, to me, do not constitute a downward path, but rather a fast-moving, forward path.